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Govt. Bangla College, Mirpur, Dhaka

Brief History

Brief History
Govt. Bangla CollegeVicinity of Bangla College:Govt. Bangla college is situated on the north-west corner of Dhaka Mega city along the western side of Mirpur Darus-salam Road on a land of 57 Bigha(16.18 Acre) in a din and bustle free natural atmosphere. The perspective of nomenclature:Many may wonder why this college has been named Bangla College especially at a time when Bangla has become a medium of instruction in nearly all spheres of highereducation. Though in the present context this name doesnot bear any significance, the scenario was quite different in the past. In the time of erstwhile Pakistan English was the medium of instruction in all spheres of higher education. Besides Urdu was introduced as a medium of instructionintoa Urdu medium high school atMirpur while a Urdu medium college was established inKarachi. In such circumstances some eminent scholars of this country wanted to set up a Bangla Universityso as to encourage the students to study in Bangla Medium as well as to make the practice of science popular.They wanted to counter the establishment of Urdu college. The establishment of Bangla College was the first step inthis regard. Ata time when English was used inall colleges,Bangla wasthenusedonlyin this college. So,the nomenclaturewas appropriate and significant. When this college was established in 1962, the professors atthis college of different subjects prepared theirrespectivelectures and cyclostyledeach lecturer in Bangla to providethem forthe learners. After necessary correction and addition, those subject-based notes were published in the form of books. Thus, the trend of use of Bangla in higher education was gradually diffused all over the country. In this regard, Bangla College has remaineda herald to introduce Bangla as the medium of instruction intothethencolleges and universitiesof this country. Historical Background :In 1947 after the division thethenPakistani rulers declared‘Urdu’ the state language neglecting the vernacular of the majority of people living in the then East Pakistan. As a result, people from all walks of life took part in movement so as to establish their dear Bangla as the state language and tintedthe streetsredwith their own blood on 21 February,1952. Later on,though in 1956 Bangla was recognisedas the most prominent state language,a lot of complaintsagainst this language were raised in terms of its usages in office and court along withasamedium of education. A numberof prominent scholars took initiatives in order to remove those obstacles. Onthe15thofFebruary, 1961 under the Chairmanship of Dr. Mohammad Shahidullah a meeting was held atBangla Academy and it was decided to establish ‘‘ Bangla College” as the first step to set upa‘‘Bangla University”. After that,in 1962 the activities of ‘‘Bangla College” beganonatemporary basis at Nobokumar Institute of Bakshi Bazar. In 1968 after the completion of necessary buildings, Bangla College was shifted toitspresent site. The Bengali Nationalism came into being from language movement and basing upon this particular point, the Bengali Nation underthedynamic guidance of the Father of the Nation liberatedthis country. The People’s Republic of Bangladesh nationalized this college on 21 February, 1985. The system of co-education was introduced from the verybeginning of this college. We remember with deep respect those noble persons whopioneeredin the birth of thiscollege. 1.Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah2.Principal Md. Ibrahim Khan3.Poet Gholam Mostafa4.Poet Jasim Uddin 5.Sayed Ali Ahsan6.Prof.Abul Kasem (Founder Principal)7.Prof. Hasan Zaman 8.Prof. Muhammad Nurul Haque9.Prof. Motiur Rahman 10.Poet Shah Mustafizur Rahman 11.Sk. Abu Bakar Siddique12.Shamsul Huda (Ex. Speaker)13.Poet Akhter ul Alam14.Kazi Abul Kayes15.MosihUl Islam16.Sayed Mostafa Jamal17.Dr. Muhammad Abdul Aziz18.Khan Bahadur Abdur Rahman19.Abul Kalam Shamsuddin (Ex. Editor, The Daily Azad)20.Abdus Salam (Ex. Editor, The Daily Pakistan Observer)21.Tofazzol Hossain Manik Mian22.Principal Md. Abdul Hai 23.Dr. Mohammad Osman Goni (Ex. VC, DU )24.Dr. Mohammad Innas Ali (Ex. VC, BUET)25.Abdul Hakim26.Dr. Mohammad Hossain27.Principal Dewan Md. Azrof28.Roy BahadurRanada Prosad Saha29.Gul Mohammad Adamji 30.Sunil Kumar Basu (The Dakeshari Mills)31.Poet Farrukh Ahmed32.Poet Mufakkharul Islam33.Dr. Kazi Motahar Hossain34.Poet Jahanara Arju35.Prof. Muhammad Monsur Uddin (Writer)36.Prof. ShahedAli (Writer & Journalist)

Prof. Dr. Ferdousi Khan


Prof. Md. Shahidul Islam
Vice Principal


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